ProSol™ FP

Freeze Protection

ProSol™ FP jacket systems have been offering solutions for process temperature maintenance and Freeze Protection options both onshore and offshore for over 30 years.

Our custom designed jackets are lightweight, weather resistant, durable and user friendly when it comes to removal and installation. Our system allows easy access to the equipment for maintenance, inspection and operation.

NPC Freeze Protection jackets can help protect expensive equipment and products from the effects of freezing temperatures, which in turn will prevent any downtime in production.

Custom colors available.

ProSol™ FP vs. Regular Insulation Systems

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical facilities require that production remains continuous under harsh environmental forces. The oil viscosity in production processes needs to be very well controlled to ensure smooth transfer. Due to the low temperatures in winter, the liquid in piping and platform equipment tends to freeze if exposed to the freezing point for a long time. The best way to protect against freezing is to insulate your piping and equipment.

Our ProSol™ FP jacket system provides a heat loss of approximately 5% versus a 35-45% heat loss without any insulation. This will help to lower oil viscosity and solve wax and/or paraffin problems associated with offshore oil wells.

Product Highlights

Save labor costs and reduces downtime

Protection down to -165°F (-110°C)

Custom designed to fit your specific needs

Can accommodate heat tracing where required

Removable & Reusable

Product Specialties Include:




Piping and Associated Equipment

Process Vessels


Riser Tensioners

Cable Trays


Penetration Seals