ProSol™ HC

Heat Conservation

Our ProSol HC jacket systems are high return, low investment insulation jackets that can reduce energy costs, protect employees and lower the ambient air temperature in facilities.

NPC’s custom designed jackets are lightweight, weather resistant, durable and user friendly when it comes to removal and installation. Our system allows easy access to the equipment for maintenance, inspection and operation.

Our Heat Loss Calculation software can determine an estimated cost savings based on specific items and show that the savings typically cover the cost of the jackets in 12 months or less.

Energy Conservation and Sustainability

Energy represents one of the largest single cost elements of most manufacturing processes. Thermal insulation is a valuable investment and a tremendous asset to energy conservation and process efficiency.

Properly maintained insulation contributes significantly to an installations operating bottom line, in turn helping to:

  • Reduce CO₂ Emissions
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Improve Sustainability

Product Highlights

Removable & Reusable

Reduces Energy Consumption

Improves Equipment Efficiency & Longevity

Reduces Heat Loss & Unnecessary Emissions

Maintains Physical Integrity up to 1000°F

Close Fitting & Shape Conforming


Product Specialties Include:






Filters and Regulators


Sight Glasses

DeSuper Heaters