ProSol™ PV

Process Vessel

NPC’s ProSol™ PV removable system has the unique capability provide both Passive Fire Protection and thermal insulation properties. We can design for any type of protection requirements and surface temperatures from -75°F to +1830°F (-60°C to +1000°C).

Easy accessibility allows inspection of the equipment for any integrity issues and easy replacement of any areas if required. We also have the ability to extend beyond the vessel body to areas that require accessibility such as nozzles, manways and piping.

Custom colors available.

ProSol™ PV vs. Coating Systems

Our vessel system is based on a grid design in order to provide easy installation. High temperature banding secures ProSol™ PV to the vessel. After that, securing the outside involves nothing more than the jackets being fastened together by hook and loop at the joints to hold it in place and then securing it with our high temp buckle system.

One big advantage is the chemical, weather and moisture resistant properties all of our materials are made from. We don’t have the cracking and breakdown that we eventually see in coatings. Another advantage to our system is the ability to be installed even when the equipment is in operation preventing any downtime.

Product Highlights

Jet Blast and Hydrocarbon Fire Certified

Improves Equipment Efficiency & Longevity

Reduces Heat Loss & Unnecessary Emissions

Key Features

Maintenance Accessible

Lightweight and Weather Resistant